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Recap of Ducks in a Row: Reedmaking Camp

After three crazy weeks of cane shavings galore, the inaugural summer of Ducks in a Row: Reedmaking Camp has come to a close!

I really enjoyed seeing young oboists come together in a supportive environment as they learned one of the most challenging/frustrating/rewarding oboe skills: making reeds. I am incredibly impressed with how fast everyone picked up scraping and how supportive they were of each other.

I hope that all of the students involved had a great time and learned a lot about reeds. I am happy to report that every student ended camp with at least one reed that plays...that they made themselves! ..and all parties involved walked away with all 10 fingers! :0)

Thank you to everyone (teachers and students) for all of your support of Ducks in a Row! I look forward to expanding camp and involving even more students next year.

~ Melissa

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